Trees are beautiful and useful additions to any garden or yard. It can be difficult to part with them, but sometimes it is best to remove the tree before disaster strikes. Are you worried that a tree may potentially damage your home or office building? Has a tree already fallen on your property? Trees can either enhance a landscape or present a hazard to your property due to several factors. Having certain trees removed can spruce up your yard, allow for better landscaping with new trees, or prevent damage from trees falling on your home or business.

Humidity, rainfall, a warm climate, all make it possible for our beloved trees to grow healthy and strong. However, sometimes the weather extremes can cause detriment for our trees and tree removal is something that at times can’t be avoided. Dead, dying, and precarious trees should be removed lest they cause extensive damage and harm to nearby property and pedestrians. Trees are generally sturdy structures that can live tens or even hundreds of years. However, they can come crashing down in an instant if they are diseased, decayed, or damaged.

A diseased or damaged tree can come crashing down on cars, roofs, fences, utility lines, or pedestrians at any moment. When the tree is on your property, you will be liable for the damages. Insurance policies may not cover damages if it was preventable.

Here are some warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  1. · Trees with signs of decay in their trunks or roots
  2. · Potential uprooting trees could have a mound around the trunk area
  3. · Trees with a heavy lean towards a structure
  4. · Dead, diseased or dying crown of the tree
  5. · Check the bark for cracks, splits or discoloration

If you have a tree growing too close to your house or power lines, it’s best to remove it. To make sure the tree is taken down safely, professional companies use a variety of specialized tools and vehicles. Removing a tree needs proper planning and considerable time. While removing a tree, one will need to ensure that there are minimal impacts on the surrounding environment, proper safety measures, and no lasting damage.

When a professional tree removal company is removing the tree, the first thing they do is to assess the overall situation and find out what properties can be potentially damaged. As they assess the situation, they will plan around them and will take measures to avoid them as neatly as possible. This way, you can avoid damaging any property surrounding the tree to get the safest and best possible outcome.

So, you had trees cut down and removed, but now there are stumps littering your yard. Old stumps attract termites and other pests. Stump removal is the best option. While removing the tree’s limbs on the ground can be challenging, stump removal is quite simply, hard. There are proper procedures to completely remove the stump from the ground without harming its surroundings, other establishments, and utility supply lines.

A professional can help you with complicated tree removal tasks and will remove the tree stump in a safe, prompt, and efficient manner. They will also clean up the area after tree removal. This will ensure that there is no debris after removing the stump. The stump is typically ground into chips until it’s smooth and level with your yard surface.

Many homeowners contact us after a severe storm passes by. We provide fast, professional service to remove the trees endangering your property as quickly and safely as possible. The best course of action is to have proper tree service to help prevent hazards in the first place.

Tree removal is a complex job. Attempting to remove your trees on your own can be costly and dangerous. Safe tree removal is a talent and specialized skill that takes tree climbers years to achieve. Hire our professional tree removal service as we can assist with everything, from individual tree removal to large land clearing projects.